What Does a Well Set Up Business Look Like?

A well-run Dawn Breakers franchise works because the franchisee has paid close attention to managing these key areas:

  • Marketing
  • Management and Operation of the Classes
  • Client Liaison
  • Administration


Growing your client base means marketing your business. You’ll learn all the techniques to succeed but it’s up to you make them work. Successful franchisees are always on the lookout for new opportunities to promote their business and never shy away from a promotional opportunity!

Management & operation of the classes

Giving clients fun and invigorating classes early in the morning is what Dawn Breakers is all about. Variety and a clear sense of purpose are what keep people coming back and spreading the word. Successful franchisees know how to run classes that tick these essential boxes.

Clients liaison

Our best franchisees know that client relationships don’t end when the classes stop. They’re in regular contact with clients via social media and other means to keep them motivated and create the sense of camaraderie that makes clients more likely to recommend Dawn Breakers to friends, family and colleagues.


Dawn Breakers franchisees enjoy a low level of administrative burden, but bookkeeping, tax and annual accounting have got to be taken care of. Whether it’s by paying for professional help or taking care of themselves, successful franchisees keep on top of their business administration.

A Day In The Life…

This is what a typical day looks like for Dawn Breakers…

The options for start times for classes are 5.15 am (so opening the building at 5.00am), 6.00am, 6.45am and 7.30am. An established business may run four classes a morning.

08:30 – Morning classes complete. Post on group Facebook page. Congratulate. Shout outs. Reminders.

09:00 – Breakfast and daily admin time. Answer questions from the previous evening and morning. This will usually include nutrition queries, payment queries, merchandise queries, new bookings, marketing etc. Engage with group.

12:30 – Lunch

18:00 – Dry run of next day’s class. Tweak as necessary based on knowledge of group as course progresses. Plan playlist.

18:30 – Reengage with the group. Discuss meal plans, aches and pains, details of tomorrow class. Set minds at rest. Encourage.

22:30 – Bedtime! Lights out for a solid 7 hours.

Apart from the set time of the classes, time can be managed as you want throughout the day. Some of our franchisees may initially still have a day job or another role to juggle as well so may make Facebook updates during their lunch time or after work. Other instructors may finish teaching, then get home in time to do the school run.