What We Do

Dawn Breakers is an early morning fitness and nutrition course that offers clients the expertise of a personal trainer and nutritionist but with the fun, motivation and support that comes from working out in a group environment.

Courses are 6 weeks long and include a 45-minute class every weekday morning. Classes are booked and paid for in advance of each programme. There is a mandatory week off before the next programme starts.

There is a limit of 36 people to a class and all classes are run at indoor venues, with music and some equipment. Diet advice is provided throughout the programme and all participants have before and after photos taken.

How We Do It

Designed by expert personal trainers, our exercise programme follows a structured progression to deliver maximum results in a limited timeframe.

A science-backed nutrition program compliments the fitness program, ensuring clients have the best chance of achieving their goals.

A Dawn Breakers members page on social media provides daily advice and motivation to everyone in the group, creating a genuine atmosphere of team spirit and encouragement.

Bringing these separate elements together into one unique package, the Dawn Breakers formula is proven to work!