How Can I Expand?

Expanding your business is simply a matter of recruiting more clients and running more classes. Remember, the demand is out there. There are now 6,728 fitness facilities in the UK, up from 6,435 in 2016. Membership is up 5.1% to 9.7 million and the total market value is estimated at £4.7 billion, up 6.3% on 2016.


You will need access to premises to operate this franchise. A private gym or martial arts dojo with a padded floor and high ceiling is ideal, but a large floor space and sufficient ceiling height, lighting and toilets are all that’s really needed. School gymnasiums and community centres often fit the bill.

The location should be away from residential areas as loud music is needed to motivate classes and at 5am this rarely goes down well with neighbours. An industrial estate is best. 

Parking is essential. With up to 36 clients attending a class that’s up to a possible 72 cars during the crossover between two classes, so there needs to be adequate space to park and manoeuvre.