Our Values


We prize our ability to help anyone who wants to get fit. There’s no minimum fitness or experience level to join a Dawn Breakers course. In fact, many of our most successful clients arrive as the most, in their words, ‘un-fit’. They’re always amazed what can be achieved in just 6 weeks. 


As well as helping people overcome physical hurdles, we’ve also been humbled to see how Dawn Breakers can help people suffering from depression, anxiety and social unease. It’s all down to the incredible support offered by our trainers, and the amazing morale boost that comes from progressing through a fitness programme with people who provide support like no one else can.

Backed by Science

Being accessible to all and still delivering incredible results is possible thanks to the scientific approach that underpins the design of both our course and our sustainable nutrition plan. We don’t just give people a plan to follow, we help them understand how to choose the right foods, so they can follow the plan wherever they are – not just when they’re at home cooking from a recipe book.


Our instructors are at the heart of everything. More than just the person who stands at the front of a class and delivers it with enthusiasm and conviction, Dawn Breakers instructors lead, motivate and ease insecurities, guiding every person in the room through the course with passion and understanding.

And it doesn’t stop when the class ends. Support via social media encourages and motivates helps people to reach their goals faster.