Our Franchisees

You’re likely to be somebody who has experience working in the fitness industry, perhaps as a fitness instructor, personal trainer or gym owner.

Owning your own space is ideal, because it means no rent to pay and no equipment storage or transportation needs. If you already have your own space and choose to run classes yourself, every penny you make is profit in your pocket.

If you’re a personal trainer you could benefit from cross-selling your existing services to Dawn Breakers clients, whether it’s 1-1 technique lessons or lessons focussing on something a client is struggling to get the hang of in class. The potential is vast.

Some franchisees choose to operate the franchise and run morning classes while still in employment. In our experience, franchisees can build up to teaching four classes a day before contracting additional teachers to expand the business or committing to Dawn Breakers full time.

Whatever your background and situation, you’ll be highly motivated to help others achieve their fitness goals, and willing to work hard to make your business a success.

Client referrals are often the best form of marketing, and franchisees need to encourage their clients to recommend Dawn Breakers to friends, neighbours and colleagues if they are to continually grow their business. Because Franchisees have to build strong relationships with their clients, being comfortable dealing with people face to-face is vital.