What Marketing Support Do I Receive To Generate Enquiries?

Our experience shows that clients can be won using only a minimal marketing budget. Much of your business will flow from word of mouth and savvy use of social media. That’s why a local marketing budget of £100 per month is all we recommend.   

Techniques for increasing sales revenue in the Dawn Breakers business are tried and tested. You’ll be fully trained in these techniques. We’ll show you how to increase referrals and recommendations from existing clients, as well as how to generate new business from advertising, PR, local sponsorship, social media etc.

How do you help me find clients?

Your training will cover everything you need to know to recruit new clients.

Approved marketing materials will be available to order and we’re on hand to offer ongoing support as required.

What Ongoing Training is Provided?

Following your induction training you’ll receive an additional 10 days field support in your first year of operation.

Training covers the following areas: Social media management – creating and maintaining your support group. Marketing and promotion. Class delivery and content. Nutrition. Fielding queries. Back of house systems training. Front of house practical training.

Ongoing training will be delivered on a quarterly basis.