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1. Enquiry

If you haven’t already made an enquiry to find out more about the Dawn Breakers franchise opportunity, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the short form on the right-hand side…

2. Schedule a Call

The next step to finding out whether this opportunity may be something you’d be interested in looking into further, is scheduling an initial chat. Click here, or the button at the top of any page, to schedule a call with us…

3. Attend a Discovery Day

Meeting with the franchisor is an important step, and will ensure that you start to get all the really important and confidential information that I cannot give you on the phone or by email. It also gives you the chance to see their headquarters, their setup and look them in the eye!

4. Reviewing

This stage focusses on arranging finance, and general due diligence. You will review the Franchise Agreement and contact existing franchise owners.

We also assess you and if we put you through to next stage, we provide details of franchisees for you to contact, followed by a booked call to discuss feedback, answer questions, check aims and objectives, before we make a provisional offer of territory.

If you are ready to proceed, you will pay a deposit and continue with your due diligence, carry out territory research, reviewing the legal contract, looking at your funding requirements. There is plenty of contact with us at this stage as we help you with your research and planning but there won’t be any high pressure sales – we want you to be absolutely ready to buy a franchise with Dawn Breakers and comfortable with your decision to move ahead.

5. Sign Franchise Agreement

Once all your due diligence has been carried out, and you have sorted out your finances, we will both sign the Franchise Agreement. Your training start date will have been agreed and before you know it, you will be on your training and well on your way to becoming a Dawn Breakers franchisee. We will be supporting you all the way, as you progress on your Franchisee Journey.

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