Our Story

Dawn Breakers is the brainchild of husband and wife team Andy and Bonnie Lavery. Inspired by his success helping transform physiques on a one-to-one basis, Andy wanted a way to scale up his winning fitness and nutrition programme so more people could enjoy the benefits of getting in shape fast.

With twenty years’ experience as a personal trainer, sports nutritionist and injury therapist, Andy had worked with hundreds of clients on weight loss, athletic improvement and rehabilitation, as well as sports-specific coaching.

Over the years he noticed something. Working with a dedicated coach usually led to better results for clients than training in a group environment, but there was a significant trade-off when it came to motivation, enjoyment, and attendance. Clients who trained together worked harder, had more fun and stuck with it for longer.

Andy started developing a program that would combine the best of both worlds: the benefits of working with a dedicated personal trainer on a structured, progressive training plan, and the team spirit, support, atmosphere and fun of group work.

He wanted to create a program that would be accessible to anyone – regardless of fitness level, shape or age – as well as being highly effective for even the fittest individuals.

And so Dawn Breakers was born.

Named because classes take place when mere mortals are hitting the snooze button, Andy managed to convince nine local people that working out at the break of dawn every day for six weeks was a good idea!

Word soon spread, and Andy’s classes grew and grew. The second course had 15 participants, the next one 36. Over the following two years three more timeslots were added to deal with the growing demand.

During that time the class evolved as Andy and Bonnie learnt from their experience working with dozens of clients, but the core principles are unchanged. Classes are still 45 minutes long, five times a week. They still give the same lifestyle and nutrition advice they gave at the start, and they still achieve the best results for their clients.